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C.Y.B. 2: Ultimate Guide to Sharpen Your Business Skills

"Better yourself everyday" 


In today's world, everyone has to become better at building good business habits. Lets start with me! Each day Iask myself, "Where do I need improvement?" If you don't think you need to improve then this blog is not for you.

Here is the ultimate guide to honing your business skills.


Do not be afraid to fail 

The best business person has failed more times then the collective average amount of people have won. Here's a small tip, If you fail faster, you can learn from your failures, and capitalize to prevent yourself from failing with the same mistake again.


Have a Routine 

Each morning as my girlfriend and I carpool to work, I being my routine by saying a simple prayer. Then I start marketing to gain new clients for 30-45 minutes. Once I have completed that I begin to jot down in my phone the tasks I need to do today. Lastly, I execute throughout the day, while crossing things off my list. 

Start your routine as simple as 1 or 2 tasks that need to be done in that day. As time progresses you will then be able to accomplish more tasks each day.


Time Manage Yourself 

This is the most critical skill that you will need to pay close attention to.

Time management comes from 3 entities 

  1. Self-control

  2. Organization

  3. Anticipation (audibles)

There may be other factors that may vary but these are the man focus to become efficient in time management. 

Self-control - Be able to focus in during intense situations. Sometimes when all the pressure is on your shoulders, remind yourself to take it one task at a time.

Organization - keep your priorities in order. I tend to start with the tasks that are less fun to do first and finish with tasks like. Or start with the most pressing tasks and finish with the easiest.

Anticipation (audible) - This is the  Life Happens Rule. Nothing ever will go as planned. Always prep yourself to adjust and progress forward. Getting stuck at the small hurdles only weakens your morale. 


Put yourself on the spot 

Go to certain events where you may feel uncomfortable, or that you have to speak in front of a large group. Overcome those awkward moments that you fear the most. 

If you need, start in a small group then work your way up to being comfortable speaking in larger crowds. Also, interact with more like-minded people that are going through, or have gone through the same situation. Your confidence will slowly build, and it will feel more like second nature to do these type of things after practicing so much.


Become a Sponge 

Find your weaker attributes, and surround yourself with people that are more successful than you. See how your new business associate  react in the similar difficult situations.

Become a sponge and absorb all their traits that will benefit you. Also look at their weaker traits and see how you can make your same traits/situations better.

In business, there is a list of traits needed to become successful. The key is to start with what you are good at, and sharpen them. From there, analyze and execute how your weaker traits can get to the same level as your stronger skills. Don't be shy to ask for help!

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