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The power of now is here as we speak, but a majority of us can be so resistant to it. Trust me, I've had my moments of resistance when nothing else but myself was holding me back. The fear of the uncertainty can definitely hold us back and now just never seems like the right time.

You're probably wondering where am I getting with this, well now at this very moment I realize what my time is worth. Now that I don't have any time, I'm planning strategically my next steps and what my now will be in 2 weeks, 5 months, 6 years! Every choice I am making whether or not I am actively putting forth effort into it, is unfolding a path that will lead to my success.

Back to the right NOW, I'm procrastinating on completing the dishes because in my mind hopefully it will miraculously get done while I complete my other work task at home. This scenario may sound familiar and while we grow our business and personal life we need to find ways in alleviating some of these daunting task that we use as an excuse not to finish our work now.

*Ding Ding* this concept of helping others complete mundane task is where the best business ideas come from. Build your business to help others grow and use other business to help yours grow. Moral of the story.....Do it NOW!!

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