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C.Y.B. 1: Finding the Right Business for you.

Your Complete Guideline to Finding the Right Business for You is Below.

"Businesses are not completed in one night,

they are started overnight."

Many inspired entrepreneurs have the same question "What type of company should I start?"

There are so many ideas out there today. Let us help refine and find the right one for you.

Here's a great parable to open your mind and see a new perspective:

Lets compare making a business choice to finding a vehicle. It Starts with a series of questions in the following order to ask yourself.

1. Follow my gut, what type of cars do you like ?

2. Do you have your driver license and good credit?

3. Where do you search to know more about the car you want?

4. Who else likes these types of cars?

5. How much does it cost?

6. Is it worth it?

Treat your business ideas in the same format. Here are the critical steps to start a business.


1. What type of interests do you have?

What type of hobbies do you have? Use the examples below to stimulate ideas:

  • traveling biking boxing

  • yoga fine arts camping

  • food fitness life coaching

  • pets music fashion

From here begin to funnel your interests into 3 categories Health, Wealth, or Lifestyle. This is a good way to fit into a broad category.


2. What skills do you provide to support your selected interests?

Has anyone ever told you, "Wow you're great at this"? Whatever "this" is whether its putting IKEA furniture together, whipping up quick tasty bites or even solving Sudoku puzzles (I hate those) can help you excel in your business.

I'm not saying you have to be a guru but you do have at least know what you're talking about for the business you want to control.

Find a mentor to help you hone your skills.

This will help find problems that people face in your niche.

Be part of a few competitions or something similar. All these help you find and build your skills.


3. Where can you find more resources?

This should be the easiest to answer.

Start with Google.

Ask a question like "what are common problems for people face in ..." Or "what does it take to be a..."

Use Youtube to see what other people have done to be successful in your niche.

Here are some examples of other places to find people already in the industry.

Find a mentor to help you hone your skills.

Join meetups or groups dealing in your interest category.

By now you should have a strong idea of what you want your business to be.


4. Who do you market to?

This question requires some research.

First, Ask people you know these questions (post a question on Facebook to your friends) and see what demographics the people who respond fit in. Anticipate their problem(s) you can fix? From there, ask who is affected by this problem? What age group? Do not make this so vague but also not too precise.


5. How much will it cost to start your business?

Create a checklist of the items you will need.

You don't have to get them all at once, but as you progress you will start to realize what you are missing along the way. Don't be afraid to ask people who have done this before, and yes we can help! Here's a small select list of general things you'll need.

-Website -Marketing (start free)

-Equipment -Certificates

-Business License -Insurance


6. When do you take your first client?

How do you know when you're ready? Pre-set a date and timeline and work to meet that goal. When you think you're ready, try out on someone you know and trust will give you positive feedback. Then ask yourself, what is the minimum that needs to be completed from your checklist to take on a client or two?


7. Why is it worth it to you?

Do you love it? If not then the business that you have chosen is not for you. If you do not love what you will be doing, then once a problem comes along you will quit instead of finding a solution.

Need some advice? Want to talk with us one-on-one? Drop us a message.

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