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How to Win Everyday: P.A.E. Days

How to WIN Everyday

P.A.E. Days

Believe me when I say “Winning is an easy tasks, but winning everyday is even easier!”

Now let's be realistic for a second, all wins are not equal and everyone's wins are not the same. Also remember, if you can accept the win days you will have to accept the loses as well. The trick to wining is very simple, set yourself to be in a position to win.

Let me break down for you the simple trick on how to win every day. It’s called P.A.E. Days



Write down your tasks that need to be completed for the day.

Before you start your day take 10-15 min to write out your tasks. This does not have to be in any order. (Just get it all out of your head). Once these tasks are written down, now break them up into 3 categories: work, family, business.


Organize your tasks in a timeline.

For example:

  1. Drop kids off at school

  2. Make prescheduled posts for the week

  3. Email the IT department for upgrades

  4. Order samples for next Monday's meeting

Dropping your kids off at school has a set time frame and begins the flow of your productive task completion. Know once you come back home you must hop on your computer and begin scheduling your post. Once you start, the energy to finish will follow through.


Follow through and do what it takes to finish your task.

Some days will be more productive than others. Make sure you cross out your tasks as you complete them to track your progress. Follow the order that you have set for yourself. Once you have finished ¾ of the tasks on your list, push yourself to overdrive. This doesn't mean to do everything fast as possible and cut corners, this means that you should work smarter to finish strong. I like to call this time “Power Hour". As you progress through each day following this method, your productivity and efficiency will increase by 27%!


Stuck on something and can’t move forward?

Ask for help, or search the internet. We are here to help!


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