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Cheat Sheet: How to build a Successful Foundation for your Business

Do you have a business you want to startup, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve been in that same -stuck- position for about a year. We even tried going to other business owners for suggestions and help, however we left the meet ups even more confused not knowing where to focus our attention. After many trials and errors we have come up with a simple solution: Think Simple Steps.

Let us show you the Simple Steps on how we created a powerful foundation for our company.


1. Get a C.R.M. (client relations management) to store & organize clients associated with each project. We use Hubspot It’s free and easy to use!


2. Have an email associated just for your company.

Insider tip: get a gmail account therefore you can use the other amenities associated with your gmail account; including docs, drive, sheets, notes etc all useful on the go! Click here for more details.

Want an extra 20% then put in this code: C6YKXHUYK6DPYJ3


3. Create 1-3 Social media accounts for your company. If your want it to grow substantially with real potential leads then use a bot. They will pay for itself within 1 month of successful setup.


4. Create Content!!! Create Eye catching photos videos, and logos to attract your clients. Use (Ripl) the app to create your content


5. Create a Website to showcase your products/services

Insider tips: Wix for services/products or Shopify for ecommerce


6. Go to H&R Block to ask for legal advice on obtaining a business license. They will always assist your and provide a discount when it is tax season.


These steps are the backbone of every company. Once you start your company with these simple steps you can chart and experience your business growth with great online support at practically no cost!


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