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C.Y.B. 3: Ready, Set, Build Your Website!

Easy step by step tips and guide to building your own website.

When you've come to  know The Right Business For You, the next step is to put you best face forward (by face I mean internet face forward).  Your website must answer all the reasons why you decided to start your business, and any questions an interested person might have about your business all the while being attractive. Intimidated? I hope not, we have 3 simple steps to help you build you website quick and easy.

We built our website with Wix, you can too!

So lets start with step 1:

Desirable Examples 

1.Find websites that have the same design and layout that you are looking for. Narrow it down with specific reasons why you like those websites. Wix is a great DIY website builder, it comes with pre-designed templates that you can adjust to your liking. It also has great tools to help you manage your website and the traffic that goes to your website. Click here to start a free trial

Page Tabs & Organization

2. Think about the different pages your website will need. These are general topics that answer some questions with specific information and call to actions on them. Not sure what page tabs to have, look up similar business and start with their tabs, ask yourself if you thoughts and ideas can be placed into those general tabs and narrow down to ones you feel most related to.

Minimal Content 

3. Start off basic. I had the idea that my website was going to be 100% complete when I launched it, but since my initial ideas, my website has changed numerous times, for the better. 

   Here are some basic necessities needed on your website. 

      a. Your contact information. How else are people suppose to get back to you?

      b. A brief yet concise explanation of your company's mission, and the service you          will provide.

      c. Eye candy. Show them what you got, get a professional graphic designer to create the perfect imagery for your product. Here's a place to start: Your Own Personal Designer

 d. A way to process payment. Not only should you know the way your website processes payments but you should have a clear list of your services for your customer/client to pick from.

We built our website with Wix, you can too!

 Don't have time to Build a Website or just want a professional to make it? try Freeeup

click here to begin today!

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