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Why P.A.E. is the Key to Business Growth?

 "In order for you to use O.P.M. you must P.A.E."  


Plan | Adjust | Execute

Planning involves 2 types of "B.S."

1. Brainstorming

2. Bullshitting How to determine which BS you are using, depends on the next step "Adjust"


Adjusting is figuring out different scenario to anticipate the problems that may arise from your plan. If you can’t overcome your problems than you’re bullshitting yourself.


Execute is finishing strong and follow through. No matter if it doesn’t end up the way you planned it or it’s overall outcome. Executing isn’t just a one time trial, it’s going back to step one and planning and adjusting till you get the outcome you want. Changes are minor like tweaks till you get it just right.  

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