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Resisting Change

Are you uncomfortable with the progress for your business? But you are not doing anything to improve.

I’m old school, that won't work for me”, or “I am use to my way, it will work eventually.” If you have said similar things to the above, than you are being resistant. Don't get me wrong if your comfortable with where your business as is, then I'm happy for you and you really do not need to read this article. But, if you are ready to achieve the next level of success, then ask yourself, "What's stopping me?"

Before you start resisting...

“But i'm not tech savvy. So i don't want to use the internet to help my business grow.” I always reply “do you watch movies on netflix or blockbuster?” The online era is all around us. Why not use it to benefit you.

Have you come to terms that you have been resisting some of the very things that will bring you into success? Of course you don’t see it that way but you will find yourself stuck and unable to move forward. We’ve identified some of the instances and are ready to help you over those hurdles. Ultimately it is up to you to realize and make these changes to move forward.

9 out of 10 times, the main thing that's holding you back is yourself. Inconsistency, procrastinating, & stubbornness are the three characteristics that held me back from progressing. It was difficult for me to change, the main reason was that it felt like I was giving up control. Little did I know this was called - Delegating Work -. I am not an expert about everything when it comes to my company, but I do know everything about my company, rightfully so I lead my team in the direction I saw fitting for success. In just 1 month we went from $1,200 a month $10k a month income by applying this strategy.

  1. Pinpoint what is your main role (Job) in the company. This is something that you contribute (I.E. secure clients, HR, marketing, inventory, etc)

  1. Find out some of the other tasks that you lack.

  1. Find & outsource the other tasks to people who are well versed. (I.E. Virtual assistant, marketing ads, website building).

  1. Look up other programs that will benefit your business if you can not do it yourself. (I.E. accounting, marketing, graphic design, etc)

  1. Implement at least one strategy a fortune 500 company is using to your business plan. (Partner/Integrate with a similar industry/business, solve a global issue, or simplify a process)

Everyone is guilty of it at least one time in their life. Don’t let fear, procrastination, or any form of resistance keep you from reaching your company goals.


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