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5 Steps to Convert more Facebook traffic to sales in your business

Have you tried creating campaign ads, but feel it's like shooting in the dark? The 2 steps I think that are often missed is really having a target audience and the follow through with communication. See below! Here are the 5 steps to convert more traffic to sales:


1. Create Facebook ads that provide an inviting offer, where your target audience can respond.

This will generate the interested consumer with a call-to-action that offers a code (for free/discount on an item) in exchange for information.


2. Specify the targeted audiences in your niche. - Do not make a broad audience. Good ways to specify are location, interests, and age.


3. Create YouTube videos that will spark more interests to the targeted audience.

Showcasing your product/service will be beneficial for the sequence of the next step.


4. Use a messenger bot by creating automated messages to interact to potential customers. - Opesta can create a sequence of automated messages that funnels customers to your site.

Benefits of Opesta :

  • 70%-90% open rate on FB Messenger

  • Saves contacts that are interested for re-targeting

  • 54% of customers actually prefer to interact through a messaging app instead of email.

Click Here to begin your free 14 Day trial of Opesta.


5. Re-target to recent buyers with special offers.

Once you connect your ad to Opesta, this messenger bot will save the contacts of previous buyers to a list. Begin the next sequence of re-targeting at around 3 weeks from the initial post.

The most important part of these five steps is to enjoy what you are doing. Trust us, it will show in the quality of your work. Feel free to share this with others who might be in need of similar help.

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