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Quick Guide: Finding your Niche

What is your niche? A lot of people come to me with this question. Dropshippers and other beginning e-commerce have a difficult time figuring out what do they want to sell. One thing is for sure they want to find a niche that is a "winner". Now before we start get your phone, ipad, computer, or pen/paper because you will need to write down these steps.

Here is the step by step formula on finding your niche.


1. Pick 3 or more hobbies you like. This is the start of finding what fits for you. There are so many people that try to pick a niche that they know nothing about. This where most dropshippers fail.


2. Place those hobbies into these 3 categories.

These categories are what 90% of people consider to fit in their daily routine.

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Lifestyle


3. Pick 2 out of the 3 hobbies. One is the hobby you like that most. The other hobby should be the one you know the most about. This step is very critical so you can weed out any hobbies that are not strong enough to build your niche from.


4. Figure out the problems in each of the 2 hobbies you have chosen.

From here you should begin to form problem solvers aka the products that fix the problem in your hobbies. Which ever has the most reasonable problems that can be fixed through the products you want to sell, then that is your niche.

Now that you have your niche, it's time to start your Shopify Store. Click the image below to get your 14-day FREE trial.


Need a logo for your new niche? Click here


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