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How to correctly make a Facebook ads

Do you feel like when you make a Facebook ad it is like shooting in the dark? Or you have watched so many Youtube tutorials, you don't know which one is correct. Their is

Let us clear the confusion so you can generate the results you desire from Facebook ads. Their is one amazing tip that most Youtubers fail to tell you (we will save it for the end).

Here are the steps on how to correctly make a Facebook ad.


1. Go to Facebook ads manager (you must have a Facebook business page) located at the top right drop down bars.


2. Click create a campaign. Type in the title you want this campaign to be named.

Typically I choose video or engagement because I want to reach the audience that has similar interests in what I'm advertising.


3. Create the ad set to narrow down your target audience. This is where you need to understand the importance of what your demographics. There are 6 types to focus on:


Choose US if you are new and want to see which areas buy your product the most.

Age: 25-50

depends on who are your target audience.

Interest: Mike Rashid, personal trainers, crossfit,

Choose certain interests that you find will relate to what you are promoting

Household: Most people that are renters so you have a choice to leave this blank therefore you can keep the opportunities open

Income: 40k-150k

This can be adjusted once you see which type of people based on income are buying you product.

Behavior: This can get tricky. I typically choose under the purchase behavior in the categories that best fit what I am promoting.


4. Placement: Choose where you would like your ad to be shown. I tend to do separate ads for Facebook than Instagram.

Make sure you click wifi only.

I do not let Facebook recommend where my ads are shown. My ads are usually placed in feeds.


5. Budget & Schedule: These are the 2 easiest steps.

You can either set a daily budget or a lifetime budget. I typically choose daily budget ($5/per day)

And I begin my ad when the next day.


6. Edit your ads composition way you would like your ad to be shown. Since I usually do videos then I stick with just the videos option.

Create the text to invite your audience to engage in your ad.

Use tabs such as yes & no to begin the engagement.

*Bonus tip*

Want to learn how Opesta increased my sales by 37%?

Opesta is a messenger bot that automates custom messages to interested buyers from your Facebook ads. To learn more on how Opesta works Click Here. To get your free 14-day free trial for Opesta Click the Image below.

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