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Opesta: 7 Simple Steps

Facebook ads are a great tool for attracting potential customers. However what they fail to mention is "how do make the potential customer engage more?" That's where Opesta steps in. Here are the 7 simple steps on how Opesta generates solid leads through your Facebook ads.

1. Sign up for Opesta (14-day free trial) Click Here

What is Opesta?


2. Create eye catching post to Attract your Target Audience with Discounts or free guides


3. Make the Facebook Ads/Post to where people want have to Comment.

Example: Want to learn how to lose weight without going to the gym? Comment "Yes" below.


4. On Opesta, set the sequence to begin the triggers once the interested buyer comments on your post.


5. Create the message sequence to funnel the potential buyer to your site using the discount code/free guide.

  • Hello (name) did you want the code/free guide for (website name)?

  • Great here the code (supply code with link to your site or link to the guide).

  • If they buy, then have a trigger set to end the sequence.


6. Post the fb ad/post that targets your audience based on interests, Location, & age.


7. Monitor your post & opesta to see the buying begin.

Want to double your profits? Click here to see how.


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