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Starter Guide: Promote as an Affiliate Marketer

Being an Affiliate Marketer is not the simple, easy, money method that everyone thinks it is. It takes 3 factors to be successful: consistency, commitment, knowledge. The one thing most marketers fail to make is a Strategy Plan. Here is the best strategy to Promote as an Affiliate Marketing.

We will use Opesta, a Facebook Messenger Bot, as the example.

Click the "Opesta"image to become an affiliate marketer for Opesta and make 40% monthly commissions.


1. Find businesses that would benefit from what you are promoting.

(Search on Facebook groups for these Business types)

Types of Businesses:


2: Best STrategy to Secure Clients: P.E.R.S.


3: Create the message scripts to attract your potential clients


​"Hi (Name),

Do you find it difficult to convert sales with Facebook ads? I would like to help by showing you a program that generates higher conversion for your business. If your interested lets discuss more."

4. Promoting Methods& locations:

  • FB ads

  • Facebook groups

  • Linkedin

  • Local Businesses (List Serv.'s)



5. When do you promote & How

Everyday (Do not spam)

  • Inbox the potential clients in the group

  • Comment on posts replies

  • Create posts


6: Create 3 videos per niche

(Create videos to show those potential clients how your service will benefit their business)

Make these videos prior to contacting your potential clients


  • How Opesta is a must for business marketing

  • Opesta walk-through

  • Teaser video of the benefits for Opesta

If you want to make 40% recurring commissions, try Opesta.

Click the Image Below to start now.


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